About us

This is Printinue

Printinue develops continuous 3D-Printing technologies to enable the advancement from additive manufacturing to additive production. By automating recurring processes, we enable the serial production of parts and products using 3D printing technologies. Our system offers the possibility to flexibly produce an almost infinite range of products from batch size 1, without additional set-up or tooling costs. The production and subsequent quality control are fully automated. With the use of our technology we want to enable our customers to make the complete product creation chain, from design to serial production, more efficient and sustainable and thus exploit their full potential, free from the restrictions of conventional production methods.

Our Team

Max Borhof


B.Eng. Industrial design

After obtaining his bachelors degree, Max worked as an engineer in the field of special machinery and prototyping. During this time he developed several high grade 3D-Printers in order to print functional parts for the projects that he was working on. As CTO Max will use his experience as a seasoned engineer to develop and improve the 3D-Printing hardware.

Tudor Beleuta


M.Sc. Commputer Science, computer vision and artificial intelligence

As an expert for computer vision and artificial intelligence, Tudor is developing the “Eyes and Brains” of our printers. As an experienced programmer and business owner, he has the necessary skills to lead the software development team.

Our Goal

...is to automate 3D-Printing technologies to a degree, where they become viable for serial production of heih quality goods in an industrial setting.

Our Mission

...is to lead the development of automated additive manufacturing technologies for industrial grade serial production.

Our Vision

...is to advance 3D-Printing technologies in order to build the smart factory of the future, that can quickly adapt to new developements & market needs, while being cost efficient & sustainable.