We make 3D-Printers SMART

Our AI-Assistant uses computer vision to instantly detect defects during the print. Combined with machine learning, the system is able to learn and eliminate the cause of defects in future prints.

We make 3D-Printing SCALABLE

Scale your production by implementing more printers. Our intuitive control software helps you to keep your production running.

What we offer

Reduced lead times

Reduced cost for small to medium size batch production

Increased production flexibility

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Fully automated serial 3D-Printing

Our 3D-Printer are able to produce large quantities of parts, one part at a time without the need for regular user interaction.

We break the LIMITS

Our Printer can print objects, that exceed the boundaries of the Printer in the direction of the belt.

We develop your additive manufacturing solution

Together with our customers we develop custom-tailored and scalable solutions for fully automated additive manufacturing.