3D-PAL uses computer vision to instantly detect defects during the print. This vastly improves reliability, ensures perfect products and avoids the loss of expensive material and printing time.


By using machine learning 3D-PAL is able to learn from failed prints and optimise the printing parameters accordingly.

What we offer

Reduced lead times

Reduced cost for small to medium size batch production

Increased production flexibility

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Fully automated serial 3D-Printing

Our digital 3D-Printing Assistant 3D-PAL enables a more efficient use of 3D-Printing technologies in a production environment.


By automating recurring processes, we minimise the time that is usually lost in between prints. This means more parts in less time and fewer interactions between user and printer.

We develop your additive manufacturing solution

Together with our customers we develop custom-tailored and scalable solutions for fully automated additive manufacturing.